Content Link Last Update
1 SPFunGame Main Client 23/12/2018
2 SPFunGame Launcher
3 SPFunGame Language Pack (Traditional Chinese)

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For those who are new to SPFunGame, please download the main client and install it. Make sure that you have installed MSXML as well which is started automatically by the installer.

For those who have old Survival Project client, you may opt to download the full client or the SPFunGame Launcher only. The Launcher will help you to update all the files required in the client.

Please turn off anti-virus softwares while you unzip or launch the game. SPUpdater.exe has been mistakenly reported to be virus.

The language pack can be used to turn part of the text in the game into Chinese. Place it under the directory of the game and execute it. You are then good to go.